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Approximately 73 minutes before your death, your eyes turn a vibrant purple. This ocular color shift is 100% accurate and only occurs for humans. Animals are unaffected, including genetic relatives like certain species of primates. Doctors cannot help. Changing your plans or making different decisions will not save you from the inevitable.

For example, you decide to meet some friends for dinner. While getting ready, your eyes turn purple. Thousands of false premonitions fill your mind. If I leave, then I’ll get in a car crash on the way there or I’ll get stabbed during a mugging or a near infinite list of banal or gruesome fatalities. Instead, you stay home and an undiagnosed blood clot in your brain bursts. You die of a brain aneurysm. Alone. Your location matters not and there were no decisions in the moment that could of prevented your death.


This is the world of Purple Eyes. It is very similar to ours, except one day the whole world changed at the same time. Think The Leftovers. No one knows who was the first or what caused this purple pigmentation. There is no “cure.” This is how life is now and will be for the foreseeable (*bad pun*) future.




This anthology is an expansion of a story that the wonderful Sean Dicker, the amazing Justin Birch, and myself created. You can read the full story at the below Dropbox link. Please note, the story is mostly in black & white. This fits the tone and emotion for our story. The anthology will be in full color. It’s up to the creative teams how they want to explore and present this world.


Original Story: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5tiwp4bu951fks5/AACA64bmXgcXlCctzjE5CZ2ta?dl=0




I’m inviting all of you to tell your own stories within this violet world. You choose the genre: comedy, drama, sports, historical-fiction, action, detective, slapstick, musical, whatever. Explore what society would be like if there was this constant physiological reminder of mortality.


Page count per story is either 3, 5, 7, 9, or 11 pages. Creative teams decide what is the best length for their stories. It is common for the page count to fluctuate as the creative processes continues so an estimate number of pages is preferred for the pitch submission process. For reference, page turns are on the odd numbered pages.


Each creative team can send in multiple pitches. However, only one pitch per creative team will be accepted in order to give the anthology the most variety.


All members of the creative team are over 18 years old.


All stories are in English or “silent.”


This project is contingent on raising the necessary funds through crowdsourcing. At this time, we are using Kickstarter. More information and specifics later on in this document.


The page rate is a $100 per page. Each creative team is responsible for deciding how they split the payment. Payments will be sent via Paypal after Kickstarter sends over the money. If you prefer a different payment method, then we can discuss.


As mentioned throughout this document, this is a whole world. To give the reader the best experience, the stories and characters will be loosely tied together. For example, a movie poster is in Story 2 and in Story 5 the characters are leaving the movie theater after seeing it. Another example is the main character of Story 3 is the sibling of the main character of Story 7. These simple connections enhance the anthology from just being “a collection of stories based on a theme/topic.” If accepted, we’ll have 1 or 2 Zoom brainstorming meetings to discuss ways to loosely tie the stories and characters together. There will also be a Google Doc with the details for reference. Honestly, if you do not wish to go this deep, then that’s fine as well. I thought it would be neat to sort of mass collaborate as a whole team. Micro and macro collabs.


Contributors retain ownership over their work. All I ask is first publication rights for digital and physical as well as reprint rights for the overall anthology collection. For instance, after the full completion of the Kickstarter, if I need to reprint physical or sell digital versions of the anthology, I personally retain the right to do so. However, if you would like to sell and distribute your own story that you created, you are more than welcome. After all the backers and pre-orders are fulfilled, then digital and physical publication rights revert back to the creative teams for their individual stories. It’s your hard work and talent. You should have creative control of your stories.


None of the art will be used as an NFT or any future digital equivalent scams.


Each creator will be sent 2 comp copies once all the backer fulfillment is completed. That’s 2 comp copies per creator, not creative team. Everyone deserves to see their hard work in print, no matter how small their role in the creative process. Doesn’t matter where you live in the world.




Pitches can be made using this Google form. If you prefer sending via email, please send to purple.eyes.comics@gmail.com . I will reply to all emails indicating that I’ve received it within 48 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation email from me within 48 hours, please DM me on Instagram or Twitter to make sure I’ve received your submission and it didn’t get caught in spam. As mentioned, you may submit more than one pitch.

When pitching, you do not need to submit sample art or a script related to the story. Please provide:

  • Title (can be a working title)
  • Estimated page count (needs to be an odd number for page turn purposes)
  • Genre
  • 4 or 5 sentence summary of the story
  • Links to each creator’s portfolio, social media, and email in the team




Dates might change. Please check back frequently.
Once teams are accepted, they will be notified if any additional changes to the schedule/timeline occur.


January 26, 2022: Pitch submission open

March 23, 2022 at 11:59pm (CST): Pitch submission closes

April 6, 2022: Applicants will be notified of acceptance or denial

May 10 – June 15, 2022: Kickstarter to fund the anthology

September 28, 2022: DEADLINE FOR FINAL PAGES

Mid-Late November, 2022: Kickstarter fulfillment




As of writing this, Kickstarter is still a viable source for niche creator owned projects like this to find its funding. In early 2022, the readership and thriving comics community are still there. This might change by May if Kickstarter does more “tech bro” stuff and the comics community departs for other waters. If that occurs, we’ll discuss as a group to which other platform to shift toward.


Also, Comix Well Spring in Michigan will be printing the books. They’ve printed all my books so far and are very courteous, prompt, and are helpful when issues arise. They are just one state over, and the books always arrive promptly. More importantly, they have a 15% off printing discount for Kickstarter books. Win-Win.





  • Person continuously looks into a mirror checking for any slight change. Themes of obsession for control and obsession of your physical appearance. This idea is explored in the story in the Dropbox folder, but can be expanded/explored more.
  • Brash, rude egotists are heightened due to the fear of death heightened. The “need to make every minute count.” Combined with the “More! More! More!” mentality cranked to 1000. Wolf of Wall Street to the extreme.
  • In the opposite direction, some people are laid back.
  • Some are thrill seekers knowing that they won’t die within the next 73 minutes. Many of these daredevils become paraplegic, amputees, or in long-term comas due to their extreme stunts going awry. It does not kill them, yet leaves them permanently disfigured.
  • Even kids can exemplify this carelessness of life such as kids not taking much needed insulin thinking they’re safe.
  • Even worse, a young kid doesn’t believe that the purple eyes is real because the child’s parents are non-believers. The child finds a bunny or dog or cat and slowly tortures and kills the poor animal, not on malice, but guided more by curiosity. The child’s torture slowly increases while they wait for the changing of the animal’s eyes to shift to purple. As mentioned, animals are not affected by this so the child keeps trying more and more terrible actions upon the innocent animal until the animal dies in the child’s hands. The animal’s eyes unchanged, but the child’s eyes are very much open to a new world of pleasurable violence.
  • A sad truth of this world are newborns coming into this world with purple eyes.
  • Sending someone a purple iris flowers is considered a death threat or a hex.
  • Instead of “bucket lists,” people create “purple lists.” This idea is explored in the story in the Dropbox folder.
  • Some think this proves the collective unconscious since it acts as a warning signal throughout our species of imminent danger. This can be dis-proven based on elemental deaths such as tornadoes or floods or fires. Also, the precision of the 73 minute countdown is peculiar to be a source of biological communication. For instance, why not more time. However, some people still stand by purple eyes proving the collective unconscious.
  • Similar to the above, arm chair philosophers and religious leaders view this as proof of fate or proof of a higher power directing our lives. Pretty purple eyed puppets on pretty string.
  • It is popular to stream your suicide. Behind the person is a timer counting down. Live stream apps removed the feature to digitally add a countdown to your live stream feed.
  • A bit of a side note, but the purple eyes as a death warning concept can be used for comedic effect. The reader knows the “punch line” so we can put the character or characters in various scenarios where it looks like they will perish, but come out unscathed. Think of the arm gag from Hot Tub Time Machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1z31-HyKJ1A




This might be our first interaction so it’ll be rude of me not to introduce myself. Hello, new friend. My name is Phillip Maira and I’m a comic book writer from Chicago. I’m known for my short story anthology series, Crackle. Each Crackle book is full of self contained stories that are a mix of slice-of-life, drama, magical realism, with a dash of fantasy. In these anthologies all the stories are written by myself and I’ve been very fortunate to collaborate with artists from all over the world to bring the stories to life. In 2021, I had two successful Kickstarters: one for reprints of Crackle Vol. 1 & 2 , the other for the new Crackle Vol. 3 . In between creating new stories for Crackle, I’m working on my first graphic novella.


I’m so excited to collaborate with so many new talented artists and creators. The longer I work in the world of comics, the smaller this world gets, and it’s a huge pleasure to meet new people and read/see their brilliant work. Cheers!



Feel free to message me any questions or concerns at purple.eyes.comics@gmail.com